Garden Cloche Dollar Store DIY, How to Keep Pests Away from Young Plants

There are an abundance of squirrels in our neck of the woods. They dig holes in the flower pots, and all over the garden. None of the little seedlings are safe when you compound the squirrels with a toddler wielding a plastic shovel.

I just love these beautiful garden cloches, but they are expensive for something so simple.

Wire garden cloches

I saw a wire trashcan at Dollar Tree and thought it would make a great garden cloche! At first I was planning to use the little round wire baskets they also carry, but I like these trash cans more because they are larger. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

Diy Garden cloche with a trashcan

Here’s the Simple How-to:

The wire trash cans come in white, so first I coated them with Rustoleum Hammered spray paint in silver. The silver was used because I had some leftover from another project, but I think I’ll go with a rust color or bronze next time to get the pretty weathered look.

Spray paint the trashcan cloche.

I had these knobs left from sprucing up our kitchen cabinets, and I found a couple large washers in the garage. I used silicone adhesive to glue the washer to the knobs and then glued the washer to the top of the painted trash can.

The finished garden cloche

Garden staples like these were used to secure the trashcan garden cloche into the ground on top of my catmint seedlings.


This was a quick and easy way to protect new plants in the garden. It adds a little something pretty too while the plants are small and there isn’t much going on besides a ton of mulch. If you are looking for other budget  garden ideas, check out these simple hanging solar mason jar lights with supplies that can be found in Dollar Tree!

Dollar Tree Garden Cloche

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Could you use cloches in your garden? Do you have any wildlife deterrent tips and tricks? I could always use them!

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