Outdoor Solar Chandelier DIY, Upcycled Trash to Treasure Makeover

Do you have an old chandelier you don’t know what to do with? Upcycle that old light fixture into an outdoor solar chandelier!

We recently put in a new dining room chandelier, and I knew this would be the perfect way to use our old one. It is painted pink, which I was not so keen about in the dining room.

Making a solar chandelier

However, I thought that vibrant hue would be adorable in the garden! Plus, it’s fun to find new ways of using solar lights around the yard. Post may contain affiliate links.

Making a Solar Chandelier Supplies:

First, I removed the lights from the chandelier. I twisted the candle part until it popped loose from the base, then used cutting pliers to snip the wiring at the base of each light.

Making a solar chandelier out of an old Chandelier by cutting our the wiring.

I also removed the top chain and wiring so I could hang the chandelier from the main ring.

Then, I bought five solar lights from dollar tree, and detached the bases.

I slid off the top faux coating around the light, so just the black solar parts is left. Using hot glue, I secured the solar lights into each old light location.

I discovered from making the mason jar solar lanterns that hot glue is actually very durable outside (just not water proof!). Hot glue should work well for this because I can change the solar lights out as needed without much trouble.

There is a perfect spot in the backyard for a solar chandelier under the arbor. I have been trying to grow clematis up this massive arbor for a couple seasons, but it has yet to grow higher than three feet. The chandelier gets plenty of sun and adds some much needed interest until I get some more foliage growing up there!

Making a solar chandelier for the arbor #homediy #solar #gardenideas

I hung the outdoor solar chandelier with a white plant hanger hook, simply screwing it into the top of the arbor.

Hanging the DIY outdoor solar chandelier, Upcycle an old Chandelier into functional garden art! #gardenideas #upcycle #solarlights

We received several complements on how pleasant it looks in the evening all lit up, and I think the fun pink color looks great in the daytime as well. The best part about this little project was putting together the chandelier only took about 10 minutes. Do you have any fun solar lighting ideas to share?

For more fun solar garden projects, check out these dollar tree mason jar solar lanterns, or this simple solar fountain!

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