Dollar Tree Linen Closet Organization

Get your space organized on a tight budget with these ideas for Dollar Tree linen closet organization! Post contains affiliate links.

After being in our home for years, our neglected linen closet still needed help. I was on an errand at Dollar Tree, and stumbled across these bins! I got inspired to tackle our linen closet, and finally make it an enjoyable space!

Dollar tree linen closet organization bins

What I instantly loved about these bins is they are a good size, to hold anything from sheets to medicines to lightbulbs! They are well suited to a multi-purpose closet or linen closet. I couldn’t wait to get home to try them out!

Also, grabbed a couple of these rectangular black wire baskets because they match so well with the bins. The final thing I picked up for this linen closet makeover were these affordable hamper baskets.

Step 1: Declutter & Categorize

Declutter: First, I yanked out the randomness of our linen closet, and did some purging. It felt good to get rid of some of that clutter we didn’t even realize we had!

Sort & categorize: Next, I tried to organize things based on use. We keep more than linens in this closet, so I had to decide on how to categorize things like medicines, bandaids, skin creams etc. with the number of bins that fit well in the closet.

Step 2: Basket Fun!

The baskets from Dollar tree come flat, with a wire frame. To get them ready to use, you push the material downward, and fold the handles out. Initially, I thought I would need cardboard or something on the bottom for anything heavy. But, I was surprised by how durable they seemed once I filled them.

For the empty space on the side of the shelving, I filled in with these wire baskets in black.

These are great for bottles or jars with q-tips, cotton balls, flossers, and the like! Dollar Tree has tons of jar options (like the ones in our kitchen organization), but this time I used upcycled candle jars.

We already had these decorative cardboard boxes, so I just painted them with some leftover chalkboard paint to match better in the closet.

painting cardboard boxes

I stacked these vertically on the highest shelf, since I use them to hold rarely used linens and seasonal items.

To tidy up the bottom of the closet, I purchased these fabric hampers for a great price on Amazon.

The final detail in this linen closet project was neatly folding the linens that I didn’t store in baskets, and filling in the last empty space on the shelf with toilet paper! I think it is amazing how just changing the way something is folded makes it look tidier!

3. Fold and fill in!

This super quick video also explains how it came together!

One other idea I didn’t use for our linen closet, but I have found so helpful when I am struggling with a storage space: a door organizer! Our old home didn’t have a linen closet at all, and the door of the basement and laundry room was a huge help for those extra odds and ends. This might be an easy to set up solution that hangs over the door, or permanent wood racks similar to what we used in our tiny pantry!

I am loving these new bins for Dollar Tree linen closet organization! With a little creativity, Dollar Tree finds can transform your linen closet and other useful spaces. It’s important to me that organization be easy and affordable, and a little effort can go a long way in creating a space that’s both functional and beautiful!

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