DIY Lint Bin, Easy Dollar Tree Farmhouse Decor Craft

Don’t you just love this farmhouse lint bin on Amazon? They are so many options that are both pretty and functional.

But then, I can’t help but say to myself…does a container for dryer lint really have to cost $26??

We are in week 3 of the $100 Room Challenge, and spending that much on a lint receptacle is just not in my plans!

I’m sure you can relate to seeing an item while shopping, and thinking…I could make that, right?

So today, I’m sharing my latest Dollar Tree DIY experiment with you! Post may contain affiliate links.

Lint Bin Supplies

To complete this laundry room lint bin craft, you only need three items.

I already had a black paint pen on hand from a set of pens for rock painting. (In retrospect, I think a sharpie paint pen would have went on more smoothly, so that is the paint pen I listed above.)

DIY lint bin, dollar tree home decor craft idea

Friends, this project is SO simple… It might even win the award for the easiest project I have ever shared. (No complaints here!)

The first thing I did was remove the sticker. It came off easily with no residue.

Then, I just peeled the poster sticker letters L I N T and positioned them evenly on the front of the trashcan.

I made a quick one minute YouTube video showing the process! (Please excuse my terrible video skills, I am still learning!)

I considered that stenciling the letters, or tracing and coloring in with the paint pen might be an even better option. But, these stickers seem to do the job… and they really seem “stuck” on the trashcan!

Since the bin will rarely be handled aside from dumping lint every so often, I think these stickers will work perfectly.

Luckily, I can always stencil them later if need be! In fact, I think cutting and using the sticker backing outline of the letters would make a wonderful “stencil”.

The final step is to take the paint pen, and create a black band around the top of the trashcan. I started with a thin line, but kept adding until I was happy. For me, a nice bold line looked the best!

I think adding the simple rim along the top makes it look more farmhouse vintage style, and hopefully a little less plastic!

Easy Dollar Tree DIY farmhouse style lint bin

Because the trashcan has a lip around the top, hanging it is simple. The trashcan (and the lint) are super lightweight, so you could hang it with command hooks, small nails, or even a couple thumb tacs!

I am really happy with this little bin. For $2, it will be a great addition to our $100 laundry room makeover.

For some reason, I just love a good craft from Dollar Tree! If you enjoy low budget crafting projects too, here are some other ideas you might enjoy!

$100 Room Challenge Updates

Last week, we mounted the hutch to the wall in the laundry room. I am so excited to get the last coat of paint on it now that it is installed.

Also, I picked up a few supplies to put together some low budget wall art; I can’t wait to share that when it is finished!

Ordering this adhesive wallpaper on Amazon is the most exciting update of all! I have never used this type of wallpaper before, but I have heard great things!

For this week, my plan is to paint the laundry room door and trim, finish the hutch, and paint the hutch doors.

The Budget so Far

Total so far: $72.25

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