Welcome to Our (Tiny) Laundry Room, $100 Room Challenge

Today is the start of another $100 room challenge, and I am so excited to be participating in this month’s makeover!

Erin over at Lemons Lavender and Laundry created this challenge. It is simple, yet SO powerful! Pick one room, and give it a transformation with just one month, and $100!

I love the spirit of this challenge. Now more than ever, I think we all could benefit from the magic of creating something special out of “nothing”!

DH has been mostly furloughed since March, and going back to college. Our family is adjusting to homeschooling. Sometimes, this “new normal” can be a lot to process.

I think it is safe to say, life feels a bit crazy for all of us!

The more I thought about it this week, the more I realized this challenge is just what my weary soul needs. A little creativity, ingenuity, and beauty…without stressing the finances.

I would love to have you follow along on our journey this month, I will link each week below, and the other bloggers participating are all linked at the end of the post!

Welcome to our Tiny Laundry Room!

After a bit of hemming and hawing, I picked our laundry room for this month’s makeover.

It has come a LONG way since we moved in! It was covered in the same 1960’s wallpaper and yellow trim as this powder room we transformed last September. Here is an oddly angled photo I found from when I was stripping wallpaper.

We removed the wallpaper, painted it with some leftover kitchen paint, and installed some shelves that I found on clearance. I was just thrilled it no longer looked like a time capsule!

Lately, I have been wanting to do more. This room is a bit of a cluttered catch-all.

Since it is also the backdoor entrance to our home, our family and friends pass through this area frequently whenever we are in the backyard or on the deck.

Goals for the Laundry Room

Can I somehow make this tiny pass-through laundry closet feel like a chic, inviting entryway? I am not quite sure, but that is my goal!

1. Move the Shelves

I would love to have cabinets of some sort in this laundry space.

Since the shelves we first installed are so functional; we are going to take them down and use them in the cleaning closet.

As I was searching marketplace yesterday morning for an affordable kitchen cabinet to paint, inspiration struck.

A hutch top! Frequently, you see them offered up for next to nothing since they are being sold without the matching base. I did a search, and found several listed for free within an hour of the house. We are picking one up today!

My plan is to paint this beauty, and mount it to the wall like a cabinet. I’m considering making a couple of the doors into chalkboard doors to hide some of the storage.

2. Paint

In addition to painting the hutch, the trim needs paint, and I would love to give the entry door some color. I have some leftover paint from the upstairs bathroom that I think would be just the thing!

I would also love some kind of accent wall, but I haven’t quite decided on that!

3. A Countertop

Since we have front loaders, I would love to add a table top over the washer/dryer.

I have some wood panels in the shed I am hoping might serve the purpose. I used them to put on top of saw horses as a makeshift, low budget outdoor table for a birthday party.

They are “paint grade only”, so I am not sure yet if staining them is an option. Only one way to find out!

4. A Place to Hang Clothes

Another detail I would love to add are some hooks or a hanging rod. It would be so convenient to hang clothes to air dry, or to hang wrinkle prone items directly from the dryer.

5. A New Light Fixture

Hey, a girl can dream right?? I am going to see what I can find at the Restore or on Marketplace, because sometimes you just get lucky!

6. A Backsplash or Bold Detail

This is also going to be a budget stretcher, but I would love to add a fun detail to this tiny room. Maybe a bit of shiny subway tile, or a floral stencil design? Or even just some pattern with a curtain skirt over the washer dryer! I haven’t quite decided; I’d love to hear what you think!

7. Decor and Storage

Last but not least, the laundry room will need some decor. Hopefully, this will mostly come from “shopping” random items in our home. I would also like a lint bin, some wall art, and some baskets to make the laundry storage more attractive.

This is a dream laundry mood board I made to get inspired, and it totally worked… SO excited!

$100 room challenge chic laundry update mood board
Source list: 1. Lint Bin 2. Faux Flowers 3. Laundry Sign 4. Glass Canister 5. Vintage Basket (similar) 6. Chandelier 7. Vintage Mason Jar 8. Adhesive Subway Tile

Oh my goodness, that is a lot of things on the wishlister! I can’t wait to see what we can make happen. One month, one room, $100, I better get to work!

The $100 room plans for all the lovely ladies in this challenge are linked below!

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