Hanging Solar Mason Jar Lights: Dollar Tree DIY

DIY Solar Mason Jar Lanterns from Dollar Tree

Hello there! I’m excited to share how I made solar mason jar lanterns with Dollar Tree supplies. I really wanted solar lights in our backyard, but they can be so expensive for attractive ones. Dollar tree solar lights are tiny, and seem flimsy by themselves so I didn’t think they were a good solution. I have seen several different versions of diy mason jar solar lights around Pinterest and I was thrilled when I found the materials at a local Dollar Tree to make my own version of these beautiful​ hanging solar mason jar lights for just a few dollars!

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Hanging solar mason jar lights from dollar tree

The day I was there, they had red, clear, and blue Mason jars with the metal handles. Unfortunately, they had very few clear ones left. If you can’t find the hanging jars at your local Dollar Tree, you can just purchase a pack of mason jars with lids, and buy these simple jar hangers. If you use a coupon in store, they are a better price at JoAnn Fabrics. The Dollar Tree Jars were plain, so it would be cool to use regular jars that say Ball or Mason. You could also make your own hangers with wire. Either way, these are still super easy and affordable to make!


Shepherd’s hook plant hangers

Dollar tree plant hanger

Mason jars with handles

Solar lights

Mason Jar lids

How to Assemble:

Remove the stake of the solar light and pull out the paper tab.

Slide the solar light into the canning rim lid until it is nearly flush.

Hot glue around the top rim circle where it meets the light. I’ll have to let you know how the hot glue holds up! Silicone caulk would be a more conventional option… but it was a short nap time and the glue gun was right there! Its been a few weeks and so far so good!

Hot glue the rim to make hanging solar mason jar lights

Screw the newly glued solar lids onto the jars.  I had some glass pebbles in my craft box that I put in the bottom of the jars. The reflective quality of the pebbles really makes the light seem brighter!

I couldn’t wait for dark, so I went in the powder room with the lights off just to see.

Mason Jar lantern glowing

Now just put them on a Dollar Tree shepherd’s hook plant hanger, and the beautiful new hanging solar mason jar lights are ready for sundown!

I just loved seeing these lit up in the backyard. I want to make enough to outline the whole border!

Hanging solar mason jar light close up

If you are looking for another budget garden project, check out the DIY garden cloches I made with Dollar Tree trashcans to protect my young plants from squirrels.

Mason Jar Lanterns in Garden


I have seen some  awesome ideas of using solar lights in old chandeliers and lamps…I love seeing all the creative ways you can use them! Have you made any fun solar lights for your yard?

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