Paint a Mirror with Chalkboard Paint, Best Chalkboard Paint for Glass

Easily paint a mirror with chalkboard paint in this simple tutorial. Try this foolproof method to apply chalkboard paint on glass, be it a picture frame, a glass door, or an old window!

I have wanted to brighten up this wall in the dining room for awhile now. The brown curtains and furniture with the oak windows and trim is was so dark in a room that already doesn’t get much sun.

free way to hang plates on the wall

So, I removed the black wall art, and created a fun chalkboard from a mirror! Post contains affiliate links.

I seem to have a thing for chalkboards… Between the glass doors on our laundry room hutch, the chalkboard tray on the fridge, other projects galore… and now this mirror chalkboard for the dining room.

With all that chalkboard practice, I’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) what works to get a durable chalkboard surface that won’t peel off! 

So, I’m sharing the best technique I’ve found for chalkboard paint for glass, mirrors, plastic or any slick surface that you want to transform!

I picked up this gold mirror years ago on clearance at tjmaxx. I removed it from where it was hanging over the mantle, and decided to turn it into a chalkboard for our dining room. 


Paint a Mirror with Chalkboard Paint

For this project I’m using brush on chalkboard paint available at Lowe’s. What I love about brush on chalkboard paint is you can turn into any color you want… this paint is tinted HGSW Privilege Green. 

Another option that works well, is to use spray paint. The chalkboard spray paint has great adhesion, even without a primer… But the downside is you only have black and sometimes a basic green to choose from. It also requires carefully taping off the frame to prevent overspray. 

Regardless of what paint you choose, the first step is to lightly sand the mirror with an abrasive pad, or medium grit sand paper. 

Then wipe the surface clean with a damp rag. 

For brush on chalkboard paint, the key I have found to make sure it stays “stuck” is to use an adhesion primer. I like to use kilz original primer, it never lets me down. Sadly, my can of kilz is quite old and has become a bit goopy, but I was able to make it work.

After the kilz primer dries about 2 hours, you can apply the chalkboard paint. I applied two coats, a couple hours apart.

If you want to eliminate brushmarks, cut in the edges with a brush, and use a small foam roller for the large part of the mirror.

Adding Artwork to a Chalkboard Mirror

Chalkboard paint needs a bit of time to cure, the can says at least three days. So after a few days, I seasoned the new chalkboard by shading the entire surface with chalk, and then wiping it clean.

I hung the chalkboard with a french cleat, which was perfect because it has a little level built in, and I was able to adjust slightly from side to side to get it just center.

I found a quote I liked, and then looked up artwork for sale with that quote. This was helpful just to get a rough idea of how I wanted my sign to look.

To write the quote, I used a chalkboard pencil, but you can also do this part with regular chalk. I freehanded the design, just erasing a bit as needed. 

To make the design bolder and more “permanent”, I used a chalk writer from Dollar Tree. They are great, they write more like a crayon. I like chalk markers for signs, because the artwork will only get changed every so often, and the chalk marker won’t rub off easily until you are ready. It erases with a damp cloth.

The last little change I made was to spray the sconces with Rust-Oleum gold and add some dark wax.

I love how this wall came out, it certainly feels happier! The sage floral curtains were an amazing find from Facebook marketplace! I think they look perfect against the oak trim windows. (Goodness, this fresh pine swag needs cleaned up ASAP, it is about to disintegrate next time I walk by it!)

Would you put a chalkboard in your dining room? I’d love to hear your favorite dining room decor ideas!

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