Chic Dollar Tree Closet Organization Finds

Have fun organizing and beautifying the closet on a tight budget with these Dollar Tree closet storage ideas and finds! This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Have you ever heard people say you should visualize your ideal day? If I try to think about mine, I usually think how much I would appreciate a more tidy and organized closet to start my morning.

On a recent run to Dollar Tree, they had a large new collection of storage options. Time to finally get my closet organized on a budget!

Dollar Tree Closet Storage

These fabric bins are so handy, and I’m loving these new colors, especially the green and blush pink. I decided to add metal labels to the blank side, opposite the handles.

Organize your closet with Dollar Tree, chic organizing ideas

They go on in a few seconds with hot glue. It is so helpful to be able to tell the contents at a glance when they are stored up on the tippy top shelf of the closet.

I also love adding the metal labels to plastic locker bins like in this pantry makeover! Dollar Tree has a new selection of colors for these bins as well, but our store is sold out at the moment. I definitely want a couple of the blush pink ones for the closet.

Another addition to the storage section are these colored shoe boxes

dollar tree closet organization with shoe boxes

I really prefer them to the standard design with the white lid, I picked up four. The closet feels tidier having the shoes stored neatly in these bins, rather than in several different shoe boxes.

Another storage idea I love that is more unconventional… foam board from the office section makes for easy drawer dividers!

easy diy drawer dividers, dollar tree closet organization

Vanity Storage Ideas

In our closet we made a little DIY vanity shelf. I picked up some amazing items for organizing that area as well.

First up, this little glass bottle with stopper, I think it will be perfect to store nail polish remover.

dollar tree vanity organization, glass bottle with stopper

Then, I had to grab these spray bottles (since they match my hairbrush…Ha!) I hoping I will remember to refill them with my favorite hair products, and keep them out right where I need them each morning,

dollar tree vanity decor and organization finds, pink metal spray bottles

The durable plastic organizers remind me of the acrylic makeup storage you can find at the Container Store or Bed Bath and Beyond. These stackable drawers and three compartments with lid are my favorites.

dollar tree vanity storage and organization finds

I also made this quick little video of all the Dollar Tree storage items in the closet!

Do you have any budget friendly organization ideas? I’d love to hear about them!

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