Taming the Paper Clutter in the Kitchen, Cottage Style Fridge Decor

A simple magnetic file holder and DIY chalkboard make for fun fridge decor, and were a simple solution to organize a clutter prone corner of our kitchen!

Oh piles… You seem to pop up everywhere where I’m not paying attention. In the kitchen, it’s piles are of the paper variety.

Bills, school papers, coupons and advertisements. Try as we might to sort as soon as we receive them, it can be hard to stay on top of it all! Post contains affiliate links.

I like to keep the bills and papers that require my attention front and center until I’ve taken care of them…otherwise I might forget entirely! When I saw this gorgeous floral files, I thought it would be the perfect way to hide those bills and papers in plain sight.

floral file folders, cottage style command center

I’ve also had this magnetic file holder from Mead for many years now, and it was starting to look shabby. I gave it a coat of green chalkboard paint I had from another furniture makeover!

This old silver tray also received some chalkboard paint love. The kids broke the handle off, and I didn’t have the heart to toss it. So, I gave it a quick coat of paint with my shortcut brush. This quick video sums up the process!

Once the paint cured, a seasoned it and added the lettering!

green chalkboard with a silver tray, side of the fridge decor idea

These neodymium magnets are crazy strong, and a few of these will stick just about anything to the fridge… including this heavy vintage tray!

cottage chic fridge decor, side of the fridge organization idea

I really enjoyed adding some fridge decor with this little chalkboard and file system. It was oh so simple, and it really tidied up this paper dumping corner we’d started to acquire in the kitchen!

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