Metallic Gold Paint Mirror Makeover with Wood Applique

Use metallic gold paint to transform furniture quickly and easily. This foyer mirror gets a quick makeover with an applique, gold chalk paint and dark wax.

After over a decade of our dark wood furniture, I have been hankering for a change.

But…I already have all this dark furniture, and don’t plan to go replacing it all. (Nor would my husband be very onboard if I did. 😆)

After I lightened the top of this wood foyer table, it seemed right to change up this dark wood mirror. Post contains affiliate links.

I love the shape of this mirror and it fits so perfectly in this little wall under the stairs. Today, I decided to try metallic gold paint to make it over in more of a French county style.

After wiping it down, I attached this wood applique to the top with wood glue and painters tape and left the glue to set. After taping off the rest of the mirror, I got to painting.

applique for a gold mirror makeover

I tried out this shabby chic metallic gold paint, and I couldn’t be happier with the coverage.

metallic gold paint mirror makeover

A little goes a long way, and it adheres unbelievably well!

I will say, it was hard work trying to clean up my paint splatters, because it does not scrape right off like normal chalk paint or latex. It is so durable! This will be my go-to brush on gold paint from now on.

However, once I applied the gold paint, it looked so bright and new…definitely not the antique timeless look I had in my mind.

I used some dark wax from kilz, and rubbed it on lightly all over, with more in the areas that it seemed patina would settle over years of wear.

Then, I buffed it with a microfiber cloth, smoothing streaks and removing a bit in spots like below where it went on too heavy.

adding an applique to a mirror, foyer mirror makeover with metallic gold paint

Lastly, I swapped out the wood knobs on bottom with a few affordable glass knobs for some sparkle.

making over an old foyer mirror with gold chalk paint, adding the  glass knobs and dark wax

I’ve never painted anything gold before this little mirror. I was a bit worried it would come out tacky, but I really love the look of this paint!

I’m excited to use it next on the giant thrifted mirror in our dining room!

Have you tried out gold paint on furniture? I’d love to hear about it!

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