DIY Quote Art with Napkin Decoupage, Easy Dollar Tree Decor Craft Idea

Recently, we finished putting together the shipping table in the office. I wanted to add a little color and inspiration to this super functional space, so I decided to frame a quote on the wall.

At first, I framed the quote with a typical white background…but it was missing something. So, I ended up using some supplies I already had for this affordable and fun diy with napkin decoupage.

This diy quote art craft took only a few minutes to assemble. It was so simple that I still had enough energy to put it together after the baby went down for the night! Post contains affiliate links.


Decoupage napkin background

First, I peeled the bottom layer off my paper napkins.

Separate the napkin ply to decopauge with napkins to make diy ceramic tile coasters craft with modpodge.

I removed the cardboard back of the frame to use as the base for the decoupage.

Then, I cut the napkin to fit onto the outer border of the cardboard, trying to line up the pattern as well as I could.

Next, just gently modpodge on top of the napkin to set it into place. You can use a small brush or your finger.  It doesn’t take much modpodge at all since the napkins are so thin.

Once I had the entire border modpodged, I let it dry a bit before I attached the cardstock quote. This way, I can change out the quote whenever I find a new one I love.

Diy quote art with napkin decoupage, dollar tree budget wall decor idea

I added the quote page centered in the frame using a bit of double sided tape to help it stay put. For the quote, I just picked a pretty font and typed it up in Word.

Create beautiful quote art with a dollar tree frame and a cocktail napkin!

This diy quote art is just what I wanted, since I am crazy for blue and white prints! It’s nice having some pattern on the wall, especially in my creative space. 

Plus, it matches perfectly with the beautiful wall hooks I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby!

Diy office craftroom decor ideas

This shipping table is so wonderful. It is made out of the laminate bookshelves I refinished a few months ago, along with a butcher block island top. I’m so glad to have it finished before the busy season for my little supplies shop! 

Create a simple craft table with ikea shelves and butcher block. Finish\ butcher block with dark walnut stain and wood bowl finish, our butcher block shipping craft table. Feminine farmhouse home office decor. #homeoffice #girlboss #workfromhome #homediy #officedecor#budgetdecor

I am really loving all the possibilities of decoupage. This same pack of cocktail napkins made tile coasters and a large pair of decoupage vases! It’s amazing how many projects I’m getting done with one pack of napkins! Do you have any other fun decoupage ideas?

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