Decoupage Vases with Napkins, Blue and White Chinoiserie Vase Inspired Makeover

Decoupage vase makeover before and after, transform dollar store vases with napkins and modpodge. Easy diy home decor craft idea. Chinoiserie inspired vases for mantel and shelf decor. #homedecor #crafts #beforeandafter #dollarstore #decopauge

I love blue and white chinoiserie vases and jars. I think they look beautiful on the mantle, but seeing as they are around $100 each,  I just couldn’t justify the splurge right now!

It had me wondering if there was an affordable way to have those blue and white vases, other than getting incredibly lucky at a thrift store someday.

My crazy solution was to try to decoupage vases with a pretty paper to create a similar look. So, I went on the hunt for the perfect paper. I first tried the craft store, but I couldn’t find any paper that would work!

Pinterest showed me that napkins are frequently used to decoupage, and that’s when I found a beautiful napkin design on Amazon. My first experiment was making these tile coasters. When that went well, it gave me the confidence to move on to the vases! 🙂

Decoupage Vases Materials

Here are the large thrift store vases right after they came home from Goodwill.

Thrift store decoupage vases before photo

The first step was to clean them and let them dry.

Next, I spray painted them white with a basic spray paint and primer. There is no need to be perfect, as the paint is simply a base to decoupage over. I already had Rustoleum paint and primer on hand from another craft.

The vases took a few rounds of painting, as I had to turn them a few different angles to get the entire vase coated.

Then, I just went crazy decoupaging!

Separate the ply of the napkins you want to decoupage with down to one ply. My napkins had three layers, so I had to peel off the bottom two.

Separate the napkin ply to decopauge with napkins to make decoupage vases and coasters craft with modpodge.

Then, I cut the napkin to the size I wanted to work with. I cut it in half to put the pattern around the center of the vase without having to contend with as many curves.

To start, I painted the mod podge directly on the vase, and used plastic wrap to smooth the napkin onto where I wanted it.

Easy decoupage dollar store vases. Apply the napkin to the vase, using plastic wrap to smooth and prevent tearing. #decoupage #modpodge

The plastic wrap would have been a good idea to use the whole time, because the napkin will tear pretty easily if you brush too much over one spot. I just cut tiny pieces to fill in over any parts I accidentally brushed off.

Once I got going, I just stuck the napkin onto the vase and painted the modpodge over the top with the brush. I did all but the bottom section of both vases first and let it dry.

Then, I flipped them over and finished the bottom.

Easy blue and white decoupage vases. Apply the napkin on to the vase with Mod Podge, folding under the bottom and sealing.

I’m going to let my mod podge vases cure a few weeks, then seal with mod podge acrylic spray sealer.

I plan on using them for both fresh and faux flowers, so I want the outer decoupage to be able to handle getting wet now and then!

Easy Decoupage vases. Make Dollar store vases look high end with napkin decoupage. A quick and easy diy home decor craft idea. #homedecor #thriftstore #decopauge #crafts

As I was applying the napkin, I realized that anywhere the napkin layer majorly overlaps, you can tell the section is darker. I think a more skilled “decoupager” (that really ought to be be a real word!) than I could make these so flawlessly you wouldn’t guess they weren’t ceramic even up close. However, mine look the most convincing from a small distance.

Create Chinoiserie inspired vases with Dollar store thrifted vases and decorative napkins. Easy home decor craft idea on a budget. #crafts #homedecor #diydecor #dollarstore #decoupage

That said, I am thrilled with my new blue and white decoupage vases! They are large enough to fill the empty void on the mantle, and for just a few dollars! I thought they were surprisingly easy to make too.

Are you interested in more ways for using napkins in decoupage? Check out these tile coasters, or this DIY quote artwork!

Decoupage is such a fun medium with so many possibilities! Do you have any fun decoupage adventures to share?

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