Tips for Storing and Displaying Jewelry Without Breaking the Bank

Check out these creative and affordable ideas for storing and displaying your fashion jewelry! Guest post contributed by Sabrina Johnson.

Americans spend, on average, around $650 on jewelry per year, with many trend savvy buyers choosing to buy seasonal, high-quality fashion items instead of luxury jewelry.

Fashionable brands are designing beautiful vermeil pieces, dipped in 18K gold, retaining their color even when they are worn every day.

If you enjoy owning a variety of seasonal jewelry pieces, try out one of these fun ideas to store and display them beautifully, for a small or negligible price!

Egg Carton Stacks

Egg cartons may not be the prettiest item in your supermarket cart, but they actually make wonderful jewelry storage displays.

There are a few options when it comes to using the cartons. To store them neatly in a drawer, you can cut the egg cartons to fit, and lay them inside.

For deeper drawers, stack them on top of each other, placing all rings in one carton, all chain bracelets in another, pendants in a third stack, etc. Large egg trays for 18-36 eggs work wonderfully for this purpose.

To make it personal, add some paint and embellishments. Or, let the kids have fun creating you something special like Little Miss Mama!

Custom Jewelry Burlap Display

Custom jewelry is gaining mainstream popularity, with name pendant necklaces, initials, zodiac signs, and other personalized styles holding sway.

If you have custom jewelry, it is ideal to display it separately from everyday pieces. One simple way to highlight your collection is to make a hanging burlap display like this one from Circa 19xx.

Cut a piece of burlap that is around 12 inches wide by 18 inches long. Fold it over a dowel and hot glue. If desired, embellish the corner of the burlap with applique flowers, and decorate the base of the dowel fold with lace or ribbon trimming.

Wrap twine around both ends of the dowel and tie the ends together. Hang the display on a wall, door, or cabinet, sticking items like earrings and dainty chain bracelets and necklaces into the myriad of gaps in the burlap.

Earring Tag Cards

If you are into rustic wood furniture and design, then create tags using a tag file like Sycamore and Slate.

String a fine piece of twine onto an old pallet sign and peg your tags onto the twine using small wooden clothes pegs or clips.

Pierce the tags with your earrings and keep them in place with their backs. You can also hammer a few nails into the wood or simply use colored pins to hang necklaces, bracelets, and even rings.

Hanger Necklace Display

If you have a wide, sturdy wood hanger, it might make a pleasing display for jewelry like All Things Beautiful!

Embellish it with fabric or paper images of things you loveā€”think flowers, leaves, animal shapes, or colored twine. Pin colored pins onto the base, or screw in small cup hooks to hang your favorite items. This display works particularly well with bead and metal necklaces, which hang gracefully to create an appealing visual display.

If you are a jewelry lover who has run out of space to store your jewelry, why not display your favorite items? Egg carton stacks, burlap displays, tag cards, and coat hangers make easy, cheap displays. Take the time to embellish your display switch paint, twine, felt cut-outs and other items that display your style and preferred colors.

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