Wedding DIY: Personalize Your Special Day By Crafting These Wedding Essentials

Create personalized wedding DIYs on a budget with these fun wedding craft ideas. Guest post contributed by Sabrina Johnson. Post may contain affiliate links.

Weddings are back in a big way as more couples are planning to tie the knot in 2023. According to The Knot, minimalism is about to go out of the window as people want to have bigger, more elaborate weddings.

However, 47% of couples admit that sticking to a budget is their top challenge during the planning process.

Personalization is also an important element in any wedding, and this is the reason why 27% of couples find ways to include sustainable elements into their nuptials, such as eco-friendly materials and DIY floral decorations.

Doing so not only helps couples to stick to their wedding budget, but it also adds a charming, personal touch to their special day. If you’re planning to tie the knot this year, consider personalizing your wedding with these DIY crafts.

DIY Ring Pillow

Most couples spend most of their budget on their wedding rings since they’re a symbol of their eternal commitment to each other. Not only do they pick the best ones that they can afford, but they also take the time to choose from a variety of ring styles to ensure that they have the perfect wedding bands.

Since the ring exchange is one of the highlights of a wedding ceremony, it’s only fitting that they are placed on a well-crafted ring bearer pillow until it’s time for them to be worn.

Making a ring bearer pillow is easy enough, so all you have to do is pick the materials and style so that it fits your wedding theme.

For a basic square pillow, you can stitch together two pieces of your preferred fabric that are about 8 x 8 inches. Stitch three sides closed, then attach thin satin ribbons to the front. These ribbons will be used to hold the rings in place.

Fill the pillow with stuffing before stitching the remaining side to close it up. If you don’t want a basic white pillow, try using satin fabric in the same color as your motif, or make a pillow that’s shaped like a bow tie. For an earthy, boho vibe, consider using burlap or jute fabric to make your ring bearer pillow.

Wedding Garter

Most couples know that even the little things tend to pile up, so if it’s possible to cut costs on some items, it should be done to avoid going over budget when planning a wedding. One thing that you can definitely save on is the wedding garter.

While simple ones tend to cost around $20, others, especially those encrusted with gems or rhinestones, are priced at $130. Instead of spending over $100 on an item that will only be seen for a few minutes at the reception, plan on making it instead.

To make a wedding garter, buy elastic or stretch lace ribbon that’s about two to three inches wide. Measure your thigh before cutting the lace and sewing it closed. Next, find the center point of the lace and sew on a rhinestone applique. If you want to add more rhinestones around it, simply use a rhinestone setter to attach them to the lace.

Table Centerpieces

DIY table centerpieces add a rustic touch to an outdoor or tent wedding reception.

To make them, prepare your materials. Great choices are strips of burlap, cotton fabric, lace, and ribbon. The fabric or burlap should be 3 inches wide, the lace should be an inch wide, and you can add accent ribbon if you like. All the strips should fit around the mason jar.

Use a glue gun to attach the fabric or burlap first, making sure that it goes all around the jar. Next, place the lace strip on top of the fabric and glue it on, then finish by gluing the ribbon on top of the lace. Fill the jar with fresh flowers, or better yet, fill them up with some soil and top with a mini lavender plant, or other fresh herbs that your guests can take home.

Creating certain elements for your wedding can help to personalize your special day. Consider these DIY ideas to stay within your budget and give your wedding day a personal touch.

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