Monumetric Review, A High RPM Alternative to Adsense

After using Monumetric for almost three years now with my small home DIY blog, I feel confident in sharing this Monumetric review with other publishers in a similar place with their websites. This post contains affiliate links. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I may make a small commission at no cost to you!

When I first learned about Monumetric, I thoroughly compared them with all the other ad network options. I have a “research” personality, and I really wanted to make the best decision for my website, providing the most income, as well as the best experience.

Monumetric was by far the easiest to use and highest paying alternative to Adsense in the 10,000-50,000 pageview range. Whether you are looking to place ads on your site for the first time, or switch to earn more, they are a great choice.

My experience with Monumetric began a few years ago when it was recommended to me in a forum for an online blogging course. I was feeling very defeated at the time. My small blog had managed to hit 25,000 sessions, and I tried to apply for Mediavine just a few days after they upped their requirements to 50,000. *insert sad face*

After hearing the hopeful news about Monumetric, I took to scouring the internet for reviews and information about the ad platform. There weren’t many reviews available, especially from sites that were in something other than the ‘making money’ or ‘how to blog’ niche.

My experience has been overall excellent. My earnings increased immediately after switching from Adsense, and RPMs continued to increase in the first few months.

The Ad Network Options for Publishers and Blogs

To be thorough, here is a quick summary of other options I considered before deciding on Monumetric.

Mediavine and Adthrive are the first networks I heard about when searching for Adsense alternatives. Unfortunately, the pageview requirements make these networks prohibitive for many small publishers.

Mediavine now requires 50,000 sessions within the last 30 days. This is typically about 60,000 page views. Adthrive requires even more traffic, with at least 100,000 pageviews a month! That said, the reviews of Mediavine and Adthrive both seem overwhelmingly positive.

Ezoic now has no minimum pageview requirement. I actually met with them via a video call to learn more. However, I found their service more self serve, and not very involved as far as set up and tweaking.

It does seem like they have options to more easily control your ad locations compared to Adsense. So, this may be helpful if you are looking for ads with a brand new blog under 10k page views.

And of course, there is always Adsense. When I started with my blog, I signed up for Adsense, and it made pennies. When I left, I had about 15,000 pageviews a month, and only brought in around $50 to 80.

Also with Adsense, I used “auto ads”, and there was nothing I could do if the placements were obnoxious, or about the poor CLS scores from the ads jumping around. The ads were hurting my site’s page insight scores…even though they were served by Google’s ad network! It was maddening.

Getting Started with Monumetric

What I initially loved about Monumetric is they are a full service ad network. I know nothing about design, ad placement, or any of that! If it’s not a plugin, I’m lost! When you get setup with them, they take care of everything. They meet with you to discuss placement, and ads are installed by them via a plugin.

Their support team has been phenomenal with every tweak or inquiry I had in the first few months. They always reached out to assist very quickly, and I am always pleased with their customer service.

Monumetric has a few requirements to sign up for their Propel program:

  • Must be a wordpress or blogger site
  • Sidebar must be 300px wide
  • 10k-80k pageviews a month
  • Implement minimum 6 ad slots
  • $99 one time implementation fee
  • Minimum 50% traffic from US

Back when I joined, they had a waiting list to get started. If I remember correctly it took a month or so from the time of my application approval to joining a call and get my ads implemented, so I just kept my ads with Adsense until that time.

The one detail that initially made me hesitant to enroll with Monumetric was the $100 setup fee for websites in their Propel program.

However, this more than paid itself in my extra earnings the first month, and knowing they are there to help if need it gives me piece of mind. I imagine this fee is how they are able to provide a higher quality ad platform experience to smaller websites. The assistance I received with setting up my ads, as well as the dramatically increased income has made it well worth it.

If I were to start again knowing more about the options, I would leave Adsense for Monumetric once I reached the 10k pageview requirement.

How are my earnings with Monumetric?

I know this is something I was curious about when I was looking for ad networks, how is the money? My Monumetric RPM ranges between $14 and $22, depending on time of year. I am pleased with my earnings. Just the income from Monumetric is enough to pay for preschool and then some, a huge help!

The consistent income gave me the freedom to pull back a bit from Etsy to focus on my website more as a business. It also gave me the confidence start an event business in my community that I wouldn’t have had the courage to take the leap on before!

Do you use ads on your blog? I would love to hear about your experience!

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