Outdoor Firewood Storage Rack DIY

Build an outdoor firewood storage rack that also functions as a console table. No woodworking skills are needed for this project. A 2×4 bracket kit makes for quick and easy assembly!

Horray, we finalllly dealt with the leaning heap of firewood on our patio!

We really needed a firewood rack to get the wood stacked, off the ground, and out of the rain!

Awhile back, I saw a photo of a bar height firewood console table, (genius!) and knew I wanted to make a firewood storage table of our own for the patio!

The trouble is, I don’t necessarily have amazing woodworking skills…I needed EASY.

We made this outdoor firewood storage rack DIY the easiest way I could think of, with a 2×4 basics brackets kit. I love how simply and affordably this 2×4 firewood rack came together! Post contains affiliate links.

outdoor firewood storage rack DIY, quick and easy storage on a budget with no woodworking skills required!

Tools & Supplies

The great thing about these brackets is you can really customize your project to your size and storage needs.

Our storage table is 10 ft long and four feet high, sized to fit along the wall of our patio.

To start, I gave the 2x4s a coat of primer, and a couple coats of white outdoor paint.

Inside the box of brackets, there is an instruction sheet with the recommended configuration for a shelving unit.

Our configuration is similar- just longer, with a center brace instead of a center shelf.

We followed the directions provided for the most part, simply adjusting to fit the layout we wanted.

The brackets have holes and the 2x4s slide right in, so the screws line up effortlessly.

shelving brackets to create a custom firewood storage rack

Like the instructions, we started by assembling the top with four evenly spaced 10 foot 2x4s, secured with three brackets, one in the center and one on each end.

Next, we assembled the bottom, using just one center 2×4 for the bottom “shelf” to save lumber costs.

For the six vertical pieces, we use three 8 foot 2x4s cut in half.

Once we secured the vertical pieces, we installed the last four bottom brace pieces. We cut the four pieces at 53 1/8″, for connecting the brackets across the bottom.

Then it was ready to add wood!

DIY outdoor firewood storage rack with an easy 2x4 bracket kit

I regret not taking a few more pictures of the process, but this project really worked out well. I decided to post it in case these brackets might make things easier for others building similar projects.

Have you used these shelflinks in your home? I’d love to hear what you think!

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