DIY Floral Wallpaper in the Closet with Everwallpaper

A floral wallpaper accent wall from Everwallpaper was a fun DIY to add color and personality in the walk-in closet! This post is sponsored by Everwallpaper. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

After installing these DIY closet kits from Lowe’s, it just wanted a few finishing touches to make it into a dream closet. When Everwallpaper reached out with their gorgeous wallpaper murals, I was so excited to try them out, with the closet in mind!

What really appealed to me about their wallpapers is that every paper and mural design they carry comes with options for both regular/heavy weight and peel and stick!

In the past, I have found it difficult to find a good variety of peel and stick options. So, I love that they offer it for all designs, perfect for renters and just easy DIY installs.

I selected this gorgeous floral spring wallpaper design. (They also have a large assortment of vintage map mural papers that I have my eye on for the boys bedroom!)

floral wallpaper mural form Everwallpaper

When you checkout, you plug in the dimensions of your wall space, and have the option to position and scale the design the way you want! All of their designs are print on demand. This makes it possible to select a detailed mural design and have it fit perfectly to your space.

The wallpaper arrived neatly rolled and wrapped in a thick cardboard mailing tube. Time to install!

Since I already installed peel and stick wallpaper for the laundry room, I decided to try something new with this heavyweight wallpaper for our closet install. It has a lovely feel and texture.

heavy weight floral wallpaper

I am so glad I tried it out, as I realized just how simple a wallpaper install can be! This is not your grandma’s wallpaper, there is no wetting or prepasted messiness. Honestly, I had an easier time installing this wallpaper than I did installing the peel and stick wallpaper in the laundry room.

This wallpaper has the texture of fabric, so it is very easy to handle. You can see on the back, it has a soft, sort of felt texture.

diy floral wallpaper install from Everwallpaper

All you need for install is a bottle of wallpaper adhesive. It is also helpful to pick up a simple wallpaper install kit.

wallpaper glue for diy wallpaper install

Applying the Floral Wallpaper

Here is a short video describing the install process, and I also outlined the steps below!

  • First, I gave the wall a good wipe down with a damp rag to remove any dust and dirt.
  • Then, I unrolled the wallpaper and found the first piece. I cut the top label off the first panel. (The pieces are pre-cut to the height of your wall, and numbered in install order. Just this alone saves you so much time!)
  • Next, I marked a straight line on the wall to line up the first sheet straight. Walls are never quite plum, so this ensures your wallpaper pattern will not be crooked.
a straight line for a clean wallpaper install
  • The glue instructions say to roll or brush on the wallpaper glue, However, I applied it to the wall in a thick coat using a rag.
applying wallpaper glue for a DIY wallpaper accent wall
  • Time to apply the wallpaper! I lined up the edge of the wallpaper to the line I marked, and smoothed it down. A wallpaper smoother helps a ton to get out all the air bubbles, and really seal and lock in the wallpaper.
smoothing the wallpaper, diy floral accent wall for the walk in closet
  • Once I positioned the wallpaper and smoothed it into place, I cut off any overhang with a sharp utility knife.
lining up the seams, diy floral wallpaper install from Everwallpaper
  • Finally, just repeat with each piece of your pattern in order, until you reach the end.

It was such a simple process. I love that there is no wasting wallpaper to line up the pattern in each row, because it was printed just for your wall.

Floral mural from Everwallpaper, easy accent wall for ta DIY walk in closet

After installing this mural style wallpaper, I am not sure I want to go back to the traditional premade roll method with so many seams and cutting!

I love how it came out, and I think it looks so sweet with this little built in vanity we put together with leftover pieces from the closet kits.

DIY walk-in closet, easy floral wallpaper mural from everwallpaper

It’s so fun going with a bold pattern in small spaces, what do you think? Do you plan to try a wallpaper in your home? I’d love to hear about it!

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