DIY Wood Ornaments with Decoupage

These decoupage wood ornaments are a fun and simple craft idea to create custom themed decor for your Christmas tree!

Unique Christmas ornaments add so much beauty to the tree, but they can really get expensive, especially when purchasing several for a custom theme.

One of my favorite ways to create custom ornaments at home is decoupage. Napkins are wonderful for decoupage, like these arabesque tile ornaments.

My plan for this batch of ornaments was to resemble vintage china, so I tried out decoupaging some printables onto wood rounds, and I am happy to report that it worked well!

Decoupage Ornament Supplies

The patterns pictured in these how to photos are a download set I created for the Etsy shop. When I went to share this craft, I also made this set of three for the free subscriber library. These large circles also make wonderful gift tags when printed on cardstock! (There is a link to the printable library and password in the welcome welcome email, as well as each blog email.)

free printable for custom wood ornaments or gift tags

First, I gave the wood rounds a quick coat of white sample paint. While that was drying, I cut out my 4″ printable circles.

Once the wood circles are dry, brush the modpodge lightly on each wood round. Then, place the printables over top, gently nudging them into place.

Then, I just gently brushed another coat of modpodge over top to seal it.

I was concerned that the bleeding from using inkjet printer would make this project unsuccessful. While the ink did bleed a bit as I worked, it did not affect the final project. I think the problem of ink bleeding will depend on how contrasting your printed images are.

Note: I have heard that using a spray sealer on the top will prevent ink bleeding completely. However, I did not try that method for this project.

adding mod podge to wood rounds to make custom ornaments

Here, the decoupage printables are pasted to the wood, ready to dry and add ribbon.

wood decoupage ornaments with printables

I completely forgot to photograph the ribbon stage, but the process is the same with my other ornaments, so I used a photo from the tile ornament post!

Simply create a loop with the ribbon, and secure with a dab of hot glue.

Once your hanger has dried, the ornaments are ready to hang! If you like, you can also hot glue a bow to the front.

diy decoupage ornaments

I will update this post with more photos of these finished ornaments when I take the tree out this year, I really dropped the “bauble”! LOL

I like to make a big batch of ornaments each year, and attach them to presents…but you can see a couple on this tree from last December!

diy decoupage ornaments on christmas tree

Making ornaments is such a fun and carefree project. I enjoy a good Christmas craft, whether on my own- or doing pinecones and cinnamon ornaments with the kids!

Do you have a favorite ornament craft? I’d love to hear about it!

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