Kids Chalkboard Wall, Easy DIY Schoolhouse Chalkboard with Contact Paper

I’ve wanted to add some sort of kids chalkboard wall to the basement playroom for months now. The main thing holding me back was all the rowdiness that goes on in the playroom.

The speeding dump trucks or roughhousing games would surely knock down an easel. Plus, I was pretty sure a picture frame style board would fall right off the wall.

I love the schoolhouse style chalkboards, so I decided to make an affordable DIY version I can stick right to the wall for safety, but that would look similar to the one I admire… for about $10! Post contains affiliate links.

I made the chalkboard happen with contact paper and an 80 cent furring strip! It was so quick and easy. I was skeptical at first if it would be durable enough, but it turned out great!

I love that the contact paper was a good solution. Partly, because it will be easier to take down if I need to rearrange things. Also, because this way, it was done in just a few minutes! 

I think this is super convenient for renters as well, it makes for the perfect solution compared to chalkboard paint.

Kids Chalkboard Wall Supplies:

I found a furring strip that was straight, and had Lowe’s cut it in half for me.

Lowe's furring strip for kids chalkboard wall frame

Then, I came home and gave the smooth sides a coat of stain.

Stain the furring strip for the playroom chalkboard, use these affordable strips to create a chalkboard edge under a dollar.

Next, I cut the contact paper roll in two equal lengths just a little bit shorter than the four foot furring pieces. The grid lines on the back help to cut it straight!

Using a level and one of the furring strips, I marked a pencil line on the wall to be sure it went up straight.

Installing contact paper to wall, DIY kids chalkboard wall

Then, it was as simple as peel and stick! I applied the chalkboard contact paper directly to the wall, peeling a little at a time to get it on straight without any wrinkles.

If it was going on a little slanted, I peeled it off and realigned. The contact paper was easy to peel off and adjust to get it on straight.

I applied the next row directly on top of it to create the large rectangle shape.

Then, IĀ attached the furring strip to the top and bottom of my contact paper chalkboard using finishing nails into the corner studs.

Once I seasoned the chalkboard, the seam was almost invisible!

Easy DIY wall mounted schoolhouse chalkboard for under ten dollars. Great idea for the playroom! #budgetdecor #playroom #craftideas #homediy #farmhouse #budgetdecor

The wood on the bottom works perfectly to hold a piece of chalk.

Diy kids chalkboard, Easy diy schoolhouse chalkboard for the playroom for under $10! #playroom #budgetdecor #homediy #homeideas #farmhouse

This was so super easy, and Wesley loves it!

DIY Kids Chalkboard with Contact Paper, Easy Farmhouse Style Chalkboard Wall for under $10 #budgetdecor #playroomideas #chalkboard #homediy #rusticdecor #playroom

We also added a kids art display wall above the chalkboard!

This kids art wall display is such an easy and affordable playroom DIY

Next, I hope to add a roll of butcher paper to the wall to pull down for coloring, along with some cups for chalk and crayons!

Do you have any fun playroom ideas to share?

DIY Kids Chalkboard Wall, Easy Playroom Chalkboard with rustic farmhouse charm for under $10! #chalkboard #budgetdecor #playroom #homediy #diydecor #farmhousestyle

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