Pantry Cabinet Organization with Dollar Tree

Create beautiful pantry cabinet organization in your home on a budget with these functional solutions from Dollar Tree.

I will be the first to admit I struggle with day to day organization. If I don’t have a system in place that is ridiculously easy to follow, I rush around and inevitably make chaos. Post contains affiliate links.

Exhibit A: my baking cabinet.

time to organize the chaotic baking cabinet with dollar tree

Its been this way for ages, out of control from buying gluten free flours and a lot of birthday cake supplies LOL…so now it’s a leaning pile to fall on me whenever I try to find something.

I decided to fix it once and for all when I saw these amazing glass jars from Dollar Tree.

dollar tree jars for organizing the pantry

In past pantry organization, I have recycled large spaghetti jars and painted the lids. However, these glass jars are way more practical. They make it so simple to create beautiful pantry and cabinet organization on a budget.

Luckily, these jars have small minimum order quanitites. To save time, I ordered them online with free store pickup. It can be tricky to find the quantity you need in store for a large organizing project!

For the smaller size, the minimum quantity is only four and the larger size the minimum quantity is 12.

I filled my jars with baking ingredients, and added labels with this trusty old label maker.

The large jars were the perfect size for holding my 16-24 oz bags of alternative flours.

Jars for pantry cabinet organization from dollar tree

I measured the width of the cabinet shelf, and set out to find some baskets to make better use of the space. I came across these slightly smaller baskets that would fit three accross.

baskets for pantry cabinet organization from Dollar Tree

To maximize the space and store my baking flours, I added another shelf to this cabinet. New shelf pegs were a couple dollars at Lowe’s, and then we cut a piece of leftover wood to size.

DIY Pantry Cabinet Organization with Dollar Tree, Organizing the baking cabinet

Finally, I added a few homemade tags with made from laminated scrapbook paper, and my mini organization project is complete! The bottom three baskets hold cake decorating supplies, baking supplies, and any overflow fours/ chocolate chips etc, as I refill the jars. I love that the middle shelf holds ten jars. I still have several empty ones in the back row to add more flours and baking ingredients when I reorganize our main pantry space.

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