Easy Crochet Garland, Crochet Christmas Tree Garland Free Beginner Pattern

This beginner friendly crochet garland uses chain stitch and double crochet to create a delightfully chunky Christmas tree garland, inspired by a knit one found at Crate and Barrel.

When the weather turns chilly, it’s time to craft and crochet! I am excited to share this incredibly simple crochet garland today, inspired by this beautiful knit one that was sold a few years back at crate and barrel.

So pretty and cozy, am I right? I do not knit, but I figured I could whip up something pretty similar with crochet! This project is perfect for beginner crocheters such as myself, and can be customized to any color and length to match your holiday decor.


One skein would be a good amount for a small tree, and two skeins should make enough crochet garland for a larger Christmas tree.

Making this garland is so simple, a pattern isn’t strictly necessary! I make the garland in long but manageable strips, about 6 to 10 feet at a time. It is so easy to make, even when I am often distracted with the kiddos.

First, simple start your yarn, and do a chain stitch until you have reached the desired length. Turn.

easy crochet garland for Christmas tree

Then, do a double crochet to the end, and tighten off! SO easy!

You could also make your crochet garland with a different stitch, if you are practicing a certain one! For example, do two rows of single crochet. Or, if you want it a bit thinner, could do a half double!

Here is the crochet garland on our tree from a previous year, as I have not finished decorating it this year to take a photo!

Do you have a fun holiday crochet project? I’d love to hear about it!

For another simple crochet project, check out this crochet rug made with clothesline and macrame!

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