Arabesque Tile Ornaments, DIY Handmade Christmas Ornaments with Decoupage

Upcycle arabesque tile backsplash into charming handmade christmas ornaments with this DIY tile ornament tutorial. This ornament craft is quick and easy to customize using napkin decoupage.

Between the tile coasters, the napkin vases, and various other projects…clearly I have a thing for mod podge. 

And these chinoiserie inspired decoupage tile ornaments were a fun little project to add to the list!

This craft is from last Christmas, but since I assembled them in true last minute style about mid December, I have yet to post them. I figured I would finally share them for a fun Christmas in July post, perfect to save for later if they inspire you!

Diy decoupage tile ornaments with arabesque backsplash tile.

These tile ornaments are made from arabesque backsplash at Lowe’s. The tiles are sold in sheets by the square foot. One sheet was $5.98, and makes 15 ornaments. It is the perfect amount to make several for the tree, ans well as some for friends and family.

I love the shape of these little tiles, they lend themselves so perfectly to ornaments. And with decoupage, you can give them any style you like.

Choose any napkin pattern to coordinate with the colors of your tree or gift wrapping. You can even add sticker letters to make names or a custom monogram! Post contains affiliate links.

Decoupage Tile Ornaments Supplies

Making the Ornaments

The tiles come attached to a mesh backing. So first, peel off each one.

separate the arabesque tiles from the backing to make ornaments

Then, I spaced the tiles out on sheets of cardboard. (I had some issues with the tiles getting stuck to at the end, so I realized wax paper would be a better option.)

Napkin decoupage tile ornaments, arabesque floral chinoiserie ornaments DIY with mod podge

To prepare the napkins for mod podge, peel off the two ply on the underside, so you only use the top ply that has the design print.

Using napkins for decoupage, DIY chinoiserie christmas ornaments with arabesque tile

I cut each napkin into quarters to apply to the tiles.

Next, I just took a small brush and applied a coat of mod podge to the top and sides of the tiles, very gently smoothing the napkin square over top.

Decoupage christmas ornaments with arabesque tiles, Applying mod podge

If you like, you can use plastic wrap to smooth the napkin onto the tile delicately, and without getting messy fingers!

I gently cut off most of the excess, smoothing the napkin over the sides of the tile until the edges are smooth.

easy napkin decoupage, DIY Christmas ornaments with arabesque tiles

Once the napkin is in place, let the mod podge dry a bit. (When I try to brush more mod podge on the napkin right away while it is wet, sometimes this causes the napkin to tear. )

Then brush more mod podge over top and sides, smoothing out any bubbles or loose spots.

Easy napkin decoupage christmas ornaments with arabesque tile, handmade christmas gift and decor idea

Once the tile ornaments are completely dry, it’s time to add a hanger!

For the hanging ribbon, I used ⅜” velvet. I made a loop and crossed it in the back, securing with hot glue.

DIY napkin decoupage ornaments with arabesque ceramic tile, affordable handmade Christmas gift idea

To make a simple bow, I made two loops and tied them together.

DIY napkin decoupage  blue and white chinoiserie Christmas ornaments with arabesque tiles 
adding the hanger and bow

To really make the ornaments feel polished, add a felt or foam backing by tracing the tile outline. Then, simply cut out and secure to the rough backside of the tiles with hot glue. 

I did not add a backing because I was short on time, but I think using felt in a coordinating color would be beautiful!

And that’s it, such a fun and simple craft project!

With the ribbon secure, the ornaments are ready to hang on the tree, or give as gifts!

DIY arabesque tile ornaments with napkin decoupage, easy handmade christmas gift idea using mod podge!

This is the fourth craft project I have completed with this same pack of napkins. One pack will really last when you are using them for decoupage!

Let me know if you’ll be making tile ornaments as decor or gifts this year!

Handmade christmas ornaments with arabesque tiles, quick and easy decoupage craft idea for sweet handmade gifts, or custom tree ornaments!

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