Affordable Spring Floral Wreath in Minutes

Create a large spring floral wreath for the front door in minutes using this affordable shortcut. A wreath so simple, I feel silly saying I made it!

Do you share in my passion for all things floral? After faux staining our old door, of course I wanted a to bedeck it in some flowers! 

I parused on Etsy, and found some truly stunning floral creations. A beautiful handmade wreath the size and style I wanted is about $100-$200. Really, when you see the gorgeous craftsmanship, the cost of materials, and careful shipping…that’s honestly reasonable! 

Unfortunately, it was just more than we ought to spend on a new wreath right now.

So I went to hobby lobby in search of peonies, roses, and greenery to make one up. And wow… faux flowers may be gorgeous and fun to look at…but also expensive!!

With all the money I would have to spend just to get the supplies to create a wreath, I decided to keep looking.

And realistically, with the mess making skills of my toddler, I have to keep my craft and DIY sessions pretty short these days.

Using a Swag

Finally, I found a bit of inspiration for solving my wreath dilemma when I saw this floral swag on sale. Using a swag, you can quickly assemble a floral grapevine wreath for an affordable price.

What made a ready-made floral swag so appealing, is it is comes with a wide variety of florals and greenery, and they are already arranged so beautifully.

So, that means I didn’t have to purchase five different types of faux flowers, and assembling was quick and snappy!

The swag measures 31 inches long, so it was the perfect size to add to a large grapevine wreath.

For this quick craft, I have an old grapevine wreath and a monogram letter I am reusing.

If you don’t already have a grapevine wreath form, you can pick one up for just a few dollars. I used a monogram letter on my wreath, but you could also use a wood or galvanized word cutout. 

Easy Spring Floral Wreath Materials:

First, plug in the glue gun and set up the wreath form and materials on the counter.

Pull the swag out of the plastic packaging. It is all arranged together nicely, and bundled with zip ties.

It has a couple of big green leaves on the back, maybe to make it easier to attach to a door frame. I didn’t want those visible on my wreath, so I just quickly removed them by sliding those stems out of the bundle of arranged florals.

Next, pull the two largest peony stems on the back, bending them outward slightly at an angle. 

use a swag to create a spring floral wreath quickly and easily.

Once I positioned the swag how I wanted it on the wreath, I applied hot glue to the two angled stems, sliding them into grapevine wreath and holding until dry.

Then, just add hot glue at other points along the wreath, fluffing and positioning the florals and greenery as you go.

making a spring floral wreath in minutes with a ready to go floral swag. quick and easy DIY

I am sure there are plenty of ways to attach the monogram letter to a wreath, but this is the way that works for me. Cut a few feet of twine, and triple it to have about a one foot length that is nice and strong. 

Then, I center the twine to the back of the monogram letter, and secure it with a staple gun. I tie it around the grapevine wreath, and add hot glue to secure the twine firmly to the wreath so the letter will not wiggle.

making a spring floral grapevine wreath

After that, all that is left is to hang it on the door and admire your handiwork! I love how this spring floral wreath looks on the gel stained front door.

affordable spring floral wreath in minutes, quick and easy DIY

The best part? Assembling this wreath took less than 20 minutes! Quick projects are so satisfying, don’t you think?

Have you made or purchased a new wreath lately? I’d love to hear about it!

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