Wood Pantry Door Spice Rack, Easy Pantry Door Storage Idea

Create this pantry door spice rack with affordable supplies. It is simple to install, and will make the most of storage space in your small pantry! Post contains affiliate links.

wood pantry door spice rack , beautiful and functional pantry door storage

Mounting a Pantry Door Spice Rack:

I purchased a large set of  wood spice racks so I could make use of the entire door. Before assembling, I used Minwax Jacobean stain to match the rolling crates and countertop. 

stain the wood spice racks prior to assembly

Next, I measured the spacing, and mounted them with a level and my trusty impact driver. I love this tool so much, it drives the screws in perfectly without the force I needed with a typical drill.

I love seeing the spices lined up neatly on the shelves. For an almost free spice jar upcycle idea, we originally used these chalkboard paint baby food jars for years and they were great. 

use chalkboard Paint baby food jars as spice jars

As it’s been six years, I’m giving the whole pantry a little bit of a refresh! I will share that in the next couple days and link it here.

As part of that refresh, I swapped the baby jars out for a spice jar kit, and I love it! It included two huge sets of labels with every variety of spice imaginable, as well as a funnel and chalk marker to write in any special spices on blank stickers.

spice jar set with labels

Fun tip: These jars are the exact same size as the walmart organic spice jars. The labels peel right off and you can just put on your new matching labels! If you have enough jars similar to this style, you could even just pick up a spice label set and stick them on all your existing jars!

walmart spice jar hack

I just love how clean and simple it looks. Filling all the jars was oddly satisfying.

spice jar set with labels

The new spice jars ended up taking up way less space. We still have lots of spots leftover, and room to make another shelf for other bottles and sauces.

wood pantry spice rack on door with spice jars

I’ll be sharing our new pantry with some fresh Dollar Tree storage finds soon! To see all the details and projects of the original Dollar Tree pantry makeover, click here!

wood spice racks are installed

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