Wood Pantry Door Spice Rack from IKEA, and the Pantry is finished!

Since the old, somewhat rusty pantry door spice rack had to come down to paint the door, I decided to replace it with wood spice racks. I am so glad to have the new ones! The stained wood looks great against the white door. Post contains affiliate links.

Make a farmhouse style pantry spice rack using stained ikea spice racks. Easy pantry organization idea. #organization #pantry #farmhouse

Mounting a Pantry Door Spice Rack:

I purchased seven IKEA spice racks so I could make use of the entire door.  I am happy for any excuse to make a trip to IKEA! If there is a store near you, you can pick them up very affordably!

I stained the pieces before assembling. I used Minwax Jacobean stain to match the rolling crates and countertop.

stain the wood spice racks prior to assembly

Next, I measured the spacing and mounted them with a level and my trusty impact driver. I love this tool so much, it drives the screws in perfectly without a ton of pressure. Before I discovered it, I used to strip screws and ruin bits left and right with a regular drill!

Installing the racks was a little bit tricky. Since they had to be mounted right in the beveled part of the door to be centered, the screws had to stick out of the door just the right amount.

I love seeing the spices lined up neatly on the shelves, especially my old chalkboard paint baby food jars! Years ago before our own little one came along, I collected jars from friends with children in the baby food stage until  I had enough to make a set. 

use chalkboard Paint baby food jars as spice jars

These retro vintage reproduction salt and pepper shakers are so nifty. I was given  them as a gift, and now they have a spot of honor on the door.

Vintage Inspired Retro Salt and Pepper Shakers

The pantry prettification is complete. I think I’ll have to stop and admire every time I open the pantry for at least a couple weeks. It really is the little things!

wood spice racks are installed

See the entire pantry reveal here!

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