Chinese Birthday Party Picnic, Lunar New Year Inspired Tablescape

Wesley had a Chinese New Year birthday party (or Lunar New Year)!

Lately, his fascination with learning about Asian cultures has grown immensely. Wesley loves going to the Asian markets with Grandma and Grandpa, and learn about their lives and families back home. He loves to read and about different cultures. It came as no surprise that it sparked a request to celebrate his love of the Lunar New Year. Post contains affiliate links.

You got it buddy! We made a simple cake, and set up an outdoor movie night under the rain fly canopy for our glamping tent. Wesley picked out his picnic snacks at the Asian market with Grandma.

Setting the table was so much fun, with affordable items from Amazon and the Dollar Tree.

We found these chinoiserie style pillow covers, and decided to do blue and white accents on the red and gold. An affordable gold table runner was the topper for our DIY boho picnic table. I need to do a tutorial on making a glamping table soon!

Chinese New Year birthday party, Chinese themed birthday picnic with blue and white chinoiserie, red and gold

We found these cage lanterns on clearance at Michaels, and just added a couple battery pillar candles.

Then, a set of three chinoiserie bud vases were a super simple centerpiece paired with a red faux flower branch from Dollar Tree.

I already had these gold rimmed “disposable china” plates left over from a large party, and they were perfect to add a little gold to each table setting. Then, we just added red plates and napkins from the Dollar Tree.

Chinoiserie Chinese New Year birthday table decor with blue and white, red and gold

We also found these beautiful blue and white chopsticks.

Next, we made origami together out of blue papers in our paper airplane book-because I was having trouble finding blue pattern papers! Although now I see this gorgeous blue and white paper already sized for origami!

For our party favors, we packed chinese takeout boxes with treats the boys picked out from Assi Plaza, along with a red envelope for each friend, signifying luck and good fortune in the coming year!

It was amusing how excited the kids were, over having a little money in their favor boxes.

Around the perimeter of the canopy and in the nearby tree, we hung string lights and these beautiful cherry blossom lanterns.

His cake was simple with a lucky cat on top, surrounded by strawberries and fortune cookies!

Chinese new year birthday cake, white birthday cake with waving cat and fortune cookies

Wesley had so much fun at his Chinese New Year party, and we had the best time setting it up together! I wanted to share it here, because it could likely apply to a variety of ages and occasions!

A few fun Chinese New Year party ideas:

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