DIY Spring Room Decor: Simple Decorative Speckled Eggs

My favorite diy spring room decor is making speckled eggs in little nests. Its lovely to use nature in decor, even if it is faux nature!

Easy diy spring room decor. Make decorative speckled eggs for spring centerpieces and vignettes around the house. This quick craft takes just minutes to put together. #springdecor #craftideas #easterdecor #springcrafts #eastercrafts

It’s that time of year again where spring is still a long way off, but I am already getting excited about it in February! These decorative speckled eggs are a fun project for channeling that springtime energy. 

I love that they look pretty authentic, but cost so little to make! It’s surprising just how simple they are to assemble. Post may contain affiliate links.

DIY Decorative Speckled Eggs Supplies:

  • foam eggs
  • latex paint (I use oops sample paint in off whites or pastels!)
  • skewer sticks
  • Seasoning, such as Italian
  • piece of styrofoam or a cardboard box
  • small sponge dabber
  • Floral moss to make nests if desired

How to:

1. First, take a foam egg and insert the wood skewer gently into the bottom.

Decorative speckled eggs, diy spring room decor craft idea #diy #craftideas #springcrafts #easterdecor

2. Using the skewer as a handle, apply the latex paint liberally with a sponge until the egg is completely covered. Painting speckled eggs, easy diy spring room decor craft idea #springdecor #budgetdecor #craftideas #springcrafts #easterdecor

3. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle the eggs with the seasoning to get the desired speckled effect. Turn the skewer while sprinkling to evenly distribute around the egg. I seem to have gone too heavy in the speckles this batch! Last time I made them, I looked at photo of a real egg as a model.

Painting speckled eggs for diy spring room decor, easy budget craft idea

4. Insert the skewer into upside down box or styrofoam, and allow eggs to dry.

I use these little eggs as bowl fillers and little accents next to vases. My favorite way to decorate with speckled eggs is to create a little “nest” out of floral moss and nestle two or three eggs inside.

Simple DIY spring room decor, decorative speckled eggs for simple spring and Easter home decor and table centerpieces. #easterdecor #springdecor #diydecor #spring #springcrafts #diydecor #craftideas #seasonaldecor

It makes for lovely diy spring room decor on a budget.

Simple Diy Spring Decor, Decorative speckled egg nests. Create this diy spring room decor quickly and affordably with just a few simple supplies. #DIY #craftideas #springdecor #easterdecor #diyhomedecor #springcrafts #diyideas

Do you have any fun diy spring decor ideas to share? For another seasonal budget decor craft, check out this post on creating white pumpkins for neutral fall decor!




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