Easy Natural Christmas Decor, Neutral Winter Table Centerpiece Idea

I love cozy, natural Christmas decorations that can easy transition to neutral winter decor after the holidays. I enjoy having a little bit of decor up for the months of winter we have left until I start to dream of Spring! Today, I wanted to share my favorite way to decorate our table for winter. It is simple and affordable since it uses basic materials…some from the backyard!

Create a neutral winter tablescape and natural Christmas decor using fresh greenery and affordable supplies. Make an easy DIY table centerpiece that works through the holidays and into winter. #winterdecor #neutraldecor #farmhousechristmas #tablescape #christmas

Natural Christmas Centerpiece Supplies

I start with a simple table runner. I made it years ago from a stained linen curtain. It is a long runner strip with some cotton lace sewn to each end.

Then, I put a basic garland on top of the table runner. I arrange it in the shape of a long oval to create the outline of the centerpiece, and cut the access.

Next, I add a pine cone garland to the center of the table runner. I found this one at a thrift store years ago, but these are available everywhere! Or, you can just use extra pine cones toward the end! I arrange pillar and votive candles along the table runner in between the pine cone garland.

Make this DIY simple neutral winter centerpiece using natural elements. Easy decor that lasts beyond the holidays.

Finally, I grab my bag full of yew clippings and fill in the garland “oval” with fresh greenery. The oval garland is more to create shape and make it easy to fill in the greenery neatly. I let the yew cuttings drape over the garland a bit to make it look natural. Sometimes I seem to go heavierĀ  on the greenery than others!

If I see anywhere that could benefit, I add extra pine cones to the centerpiece. If you don’t have a pine cone garland, you can purchase large pine cones at craft and dollar stores. You can also collect them from the yard and bake them in the oven to remove any bugs!

That is all it takes to make a simple, natural Christmas table that also makes a great neutral winter table centerpiece. I enjoy looking at it long after the majority of the Christmas decor is packed away for the year!

Make a neutral winter tatablescape with greenery from the yard and simple affordable supplies. Create easy natural Christmas decor that lasts beyond the holidays. #tablescape #neutral #farmhouse #christmasdecor #winterdecor

I love using greenery and pine cones to decorate. You will find boxwood and yew in vases, the mantle, and tables all over the house when I’m feeling excited about the holidays. I love that it is free, and creates the natural Christmas look I love. Plus, it lasts for weeks, and it is less faux greenery to store in the attic each year. I find boxwood dries up within a couple weeks, but yew lasts even longer! I have really been wanting to try using it outside as swags on the outdoor lights. It would last really well in the cold air. I hope I get I get around to that before Christmas next year!

Do you have any fun ideas for using greenery in your decor?

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