How to Hang Plates on the Wall, Free and Easy DIY Farmhouse Decor Hack

How to hang plates on the wall, DIY plate hangers with paper clips, felt, and hot glue #homediy #budgetdecor #farmhousedecor #walldecor #DIY

Since we moved in, all I did with our dining room was to add the table and chairs. It really looked empty! I added a sign and sconces I had, but it still seemed like it needed something more.

free way to hang plates on the wall

Don’t mind Maestro, he decided to hop into the photo!

I saw that empty space above the sign, and started wondering how to hang plates on the wall. I thought it would be an affordable way to add a little extra character to the dining room with what we already have in the house.

So I started exploring options to hang plates on the wall so the hangers are not visible. I found ready made hangers like this available on Amazon. To save money, I opted not to purchase the plate hangers. Instead, I used just a few simple materials to hang my plates on the walls for free with what I already had in the house. I first found the idea for this easy plate hanger trick from The Frugal Homemaker.

Materials to Hang Plates:

  • Large Paper Clip
  • Hot Glue & Glue Gun
  • Felt
  • Small picture hangers

First, I bent the paper clip very slightly at the top where the hanger would be. Then, I checked the front of the plate and oriented before positioning the felt and paper clips. I cut the felt into small circles about the size of a silver dollar.

Hang plates on the wall with paper clips and hot glue. Easy DIY home decor hack. #farmhouse #homediy #walldecor

Next, I applied a generous dollop of hot glue to the plate. Immediately after applying the hot glue, I pushed the paper clip into the glue and placed the felt circle over the glue and paper clip.

Easy DIY plate hangers with hot glue and paper clips, DIY home decor hack #homediy #hacks #diy #walldecor

Once the homemade hangers dry for a couple minutes, it is time to hang plates!

Quick and easy DIY to hang plates on the wall for budget friendly home decor

These little plates look so nice over the wooden sign. The wall definitely feels less empty.

How to hang plates on the wall, DIY plate hangers that are nearly free using paper clips and hot glue #homediy #walldecor #diningroom #budgetdecor

Update: These plates have been on the wall for almost two years now with two rowdy boys, and they are still going strong!

Hot Glue Application Tips

  • If you realize you have to shift the paper clip at all after the initial couple seconds of placement: let the glue dry, peel it and start fresh. Better safe than sorry!
  • Do not “try again” over dried hot glue. Hot glue does not bond well to itself! (Don’t ask me how I know!)
  • If you peel the felt off to realign, use fresh felt when reapplying. This ensures you get a strong, fresh bond.

I might not use this method on prized family heirlooms, but it works amazing on my yard sale Mikasa!

Do you have any affordable wall decor ideas to share?

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