Easy Wall Mounted Fruit Basket Display DIY (for just $5!)

Create wall mounted fruit display decor with dollar tree baskets and a simple diy sign. Quick and easy diy home organization project

Today, I created a wall mounted fruit basket display in our pantry. I was first inspired by this beautiful wire basket display that I found on Pinterest.

Market Fresh wall mounted basket fruit display

I was trying to find creative ways to maximize space in our reach in pantry, and I realized I had a perfect little spot on the side wall of the pantry for hanging baskets. This is almost too simple to need explanation! This little basket display quite literally takes two minutes! Post may contain affiliate links.


I’m not one to spend a fortune on wire baskets if I don’t have to, so I picked up three of these little round baskets at the Dollar Tree. They typically also stock square ones, which would look great as well!

I use these little wire baskets to organize all over the house. They are helpful in the pantry, under the sink, or in the linen closet!

Creat a fruit basket display with these simple dollar tree baskets

Then, I bought these cup hooks from Home Depot to hang them. Just hand screw them into the shelf supports. Measure each hook to be sure it is screwed in alignment.

If you don’t have wood shelf supports, you can check for a stud. I’m sure there is also a way to purchase hooks that can go in with drywall anchors as well.

Cup hooks from Home Depot

This is a simple little project that I put up while I was cooking dinner. I love instant gratification projects like this one!

I used a paint pen and scrap wood to make the Market Fresh sign hanging above the baskets. You can see the simple tutorial here.

The baskets are from Dollar Tree, and I paid $1.97 for a pack of hooks to hang the baskets. For five dollars, I have a beautiful wall mounted fruit basket display that makes  me happy every time I open the pantry door!

If you like this project and want more budget pantry ideas, check out the full pantry makeover!

Or, for more helpful Dollar tree organization inspiration, come see this under the kitchen sink makeover!

Have you done any frugal decorating projects lately?

Thank you for dropping by!

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