How to Make Ribbon Bookmarks, DIY Ribbon Bookmark Craft with Velvet Ribbon

How to make ribbon bookmarks. Use your favorite charms and broken jewelry pieces to design lovely bookmarks. These would make a great handmade gift idea for the booklovers in your life! #handmade #giftideas #craftstosell #vintage #booklover

Hello there! I recently joined a book club to connect with some lovely ladies in our new town. When I stumbled across these velvet ribbon bookmarks, I felt inspired to get crafty! These ribbon bookmarks will make beautiful handmade gifts for my book loving friends and family. Plus, I have shelves full of velvet ribbon…how did I not make these sooner?! This post may contain affiliate links.

These velvet ribbon bookmarks are so simple, but the finished result is gorgeous. You won’t be able to make just one! I made mine to match my favorite genre, classic English Literature. 🙂

I used buttons, pendants, and velvet from my shop, as well as a broken earring from my jewelry box. You could also purchase any charms and pendants that fit your style, or recycle broken jewelry pieces! 

DIY Ribbon Bookmark Supplies:

How to Make Ribbon Bookmarks:

First, measure and cut your ribbon to nine inches (or whatever width you prefer to fit your favorite book!)

Next, Carefully insert the velvet ribbon into the end crimp pieces so it is straight and pushed all the way into the opening. Use your pliers to carefully clamp the crimp end down onto the ribbon on both sides, as well as the center to fully close the clamp.  

make velvet ribbon bookmarks with your favorite charms, broken jewelry pendants and earrings. A fun diy craft idea that makes a beautiful handmade gift for book lovers!

Use split ring pliers to open the jump rings, and attach the pendants to each end of the bookmark, sliding the pendant around the jump ring until attached (just like a tiny keyring). You can use broken jewelry pieces, cool vintage key charms, or any pendant you love!

DIY ribbon bookmarks with charms and broken jewelry. Make your own custom bookmarks with this fun handmade gift idea. #handmade #booklovers

I used a blue and white floral pendant on one end, and a vintage style pearl shank button on the other.

Make beautiful ribbon bookmarks with charms and broken jewelry. Create custom designs for handmade gifts or for crafts to make and sell. An easy DIY ribbon craft idea. #booklovers #craftideas #vintagestyle

And Voila!

I love quick projects like this that are simple to make, but look so pretty and detailed. These would make great gifts to any special reader in your life. I can’t wait to share these with friends and family this holiday season!

If you decide to create some ribbon bookmarks of your own, I would love to see what you create!

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