Farmhouse Chic Bathroom Remodel, One Room Challenge Week 1

I am so excited to complete this bathroom remodel as part of the One Room Challenge!

If you are hopping over from the ORC blog, Welcome! I’m Joy, just an average girl… creating a beautiful home on a budget, hoping to help others do the same!

We have been saving for this bathroom project little by little for a couple years, knowing it would be more than we could DIY all on our own.

Here are a couple before photos of our small 1960s hall bathroom.

It is a bit worse for wear, with a few cracked tiles and grout, and a saggy spot in the subflooring. It has a funky smell that persistently returns no matter how hard I scrub it. The paint is peeling off the walls and ceiling. The tub doesn’t drain properly unless we hang the kid’s toy octopus on the stopper.

With all those quirks, it is not an ideal guest bathroom. I am so excited to give it new life.

Now for the fun part, some inspiration for this remodel!

Vanity | Cabinet | Shower Curtain | Mirror | Greenery | Hooks | Chandelier | Rug| Towels

Does anyone else have a bad habit of completing about 90 percent of a project or makeover…and then fizzling out?

Why, oh why am I so easily distracted?! A vision board always seems to help me get my act together and carry a project through. Plus, they really are fun.

This One Room Challenge will be the perfect way to stay inspired, and completely finish and decorate this bathroom on our tight budget!

Honestly, the final steps of a makeover are the best part! I love seeing the little details come together.

This bathroom remodel is part time, so it has been in (a very gradual) process for weeks now. The demo is completed. After it was gutted, the electrician installed a gfi outlet and wiring for the ventilation fan.

The sublfloor is repaired, and drywall is going up!

Hurray for progress!

Update: Our bathroom is finished! read more about it here!

Be sure to head over to the ORC blog, and take a look at the room plans of all the featured and guest bloggers! It is so fun to see what everyone is planning!

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