Bathroom Remodel on a Budget, A Custom Vanity at a Box Store Price

It is week 3 of the One Room Challenge, and our bathroom is coming together!

The drywall is finished, and the tile is almost installed.

Pretty soon, it will be time to install the vanity! I’m thrilled we were able to get a double vanity we love within our budget!

When I first started gathering some inspiration for our Bathroom, we came across this beautiful vanity at Pottery Barn. Jason and I both loved it as soon as we saw it.

It has a lovely rustic farmhouse style. Plus, I appreciate how sturdy it is! We may call this bathroom the guest bathroom…but in reality, it is primarily the domain of two rowdy little boys.

This solidly rugged vanity would survive endless abuse. The problem? It is too large for our small bathroom…and nearly $4000! All in with sinks and faucets, I only planned to spend a quarter of that!

So, I started looking at affordable options at the box stores. There were a few double vanities that looked really promising online.

Once we came in store, we realized that the quality just wasn’t there. If the veneer is peeling or the hardware is broken on the floor model…it doesn’t bode well!

We really wanted a nice solid wood vanity that wouldn’t break the budget, and didn’t feel confident enough to attempt a DIY, especially with drawers!

I looked around on Facebook Marketplace. There were some very nice gently used vanities, but I was afraid to get one home and find it didn’t work, or there was damage.

While browsing, I also found a few local businesses advertising custom wood furniture and vanities!

I excitedly reached out to a carpenter in Oxford, PA. He looked at our inspiration photo from Pottery Barn, and make a simple, slightly smaller style of their vanity to fit our 60″ space…and it was within our budget!

Here it is before the sinks were installed. It looks more red in the garage lighting, but it is finished with Minwax Early American stain, and gloss polyurethane.

The top is wood, sealed with an epoxy resin to create a smooth, wipeable countertop.

Surprisingly, the sinks, faucets, and drains are all from Amazon! He installed these affordable porcelain vessel sinks and black faucets with pop up drains included!

Including the cost of the sinks and faucets, this vanity came in at $925! The only thing left to do is to make a trip to Hobby Lobby to purchase the drawer knobs.

Bathroom Updates

Horray! We now have floor and wall tile!

We picked out our tile from Floor and Decor. That place is like a candy store for design lovers.

For the tub alcove, we purchased this ceramic marble look tile. Larger tiles were more cost effective, so we went with a large 8×12, and laid it in a subway pattern. I like that we still have the staggered pattern, without the excess cost and work of laying small subway tiles.

We decided on large 12×24 porcelain tile on the floor. I love this floor. It’s not exactly trendy, but it is so practical for a space that gets cleaned so often! After our retro 1″ square tile grout that never stayed clean, this floor is going to feel much easier to maintain!

Now that the floor is in, we are installing beadboard wainscoting at about the same height as the old tile walls. The color is a soothing sage green, Sherwin Williams Dusty Sage.

This week, I found this beautiful oak cabinet to mount on the wall above the toilet. My plan for the coming week is to chalk paint the cabinet. I also hope to finish painting a pair of mirrors we already have to hang above the vanity.

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