painting over semi gloss interior doors

Painting Over Semi Gloss Interior Doors

Painting over semi gloss requires a little preparation but it’s really simple. Since we are gradually painting our entire house, I thought sharing our experiences might be helpful. When painting over semigloss, if the surface isn’t well prepared, it can sometimes mean way more work in the long run. (I learned all […]

arbor anchored in garden

How to Anchor an Arbor in the Garden

I was happy to find a pretty garden arbor on Craigslist. It was very sturdy, solid wood, and the price was right. Once Jason picked it up, I realized I had no idea to anchor it into the ground! Our township requires  permits for installing with  concrete, and I wanted the flexibility of […]

newspaper under mulch

A Weed Control Method for a Low Maintenance Garden

It used to be really tough to keep up with our flower beds in our last house. Mulching alone never seemed to do much for weed control, and I needed a low maintenance garden plan I could stick to. Using landscaping fabric is only an option when you don’t plant annuals […]

Mason Jar lantern glowing

Hanging Solar Mason Jar Lights: Dollar Tree DIY

Hello there! I’m excited to share how I made solar mason jar lanterns with Dollar Tree supplies. I really wanted solar lights in our backyard, but they can be so expensive for attractive ones. Dollar tree solar lights are tiny, and seem flimsy by themselves so I didn’t think they were […]

Garden Cloche Dollar Store DIY, How to Keep Pests Away from Young Plants

There are an abundance of squirrels in our neck of the woods. They dig holes in the flower pots, and all over the garden. None of the little seedlings are safe when you compound the squirrels with a toddler wielding a plastic shovel. I just love these beautiful garden cloches, but […]

How to Crochet a Doily Rug with Clothesline

Rugs are a favorite crochet project of mine because you can create a gorgeous vintage style rug relatively quickly, and for much less than it would be to buy one in the store.  Clothesline makes rugs that are durable and affordable. This crochet doily rug was made several years ago […]