How to Crochet a Rope Doily Rug!


I have been wanting to take a doily pattern and turn it gigantic for a long time. I finally got to make it happen with a new rug for our home!

First, you need an abnormally large sized crochet hook, here is the first one I purchased in size N. I also used size P for this size rope and they both worked well. The thicker the rope, the bigger the hook. The rope I used was 3/16″.  I found it was easier for me to have a variety of sizes when I experiment with different materials so I recommend a variety pack of large size hooks.


I used a 100% polyester clothesline to create my rug because I wanted to be able to put it in areas that can get wet,  and I wanted it to be easy to throw in the washing machine! I found the rope at Harbor Freight. It sold for only 4.99 per 100 foot roll, so you can find it for quite a bargain. Any rope would work for this!

You can also use any doily pattern to create this rug! Here is simple vintage pattern I used for this rug from The Crafty Tipster. It is written so well and extremely easy to follow!

When you come to the end of a roll of clothesline, simply hand sew it to the beginning of the next roll and keep on crocheting! I tried to hide the place where I joined it on the underside, although it is very difficult to notice the joins at all if you are using thread that is the same color as your rope.


It took me just over six rolls of clothesline to complete this doily rug. It can be hard on the hands if the stitches get too tight. I learned that the hard way!


If you are interested in purchasing a rug, I sell them at Joyfully Treasured on Etsy!

Happy crafting!